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15 January 2014


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Bar De Ness

Thanks John for your valued comment.

John Sitton

Well done Bar and a fitting tribute to the greatest generation and those before them that stood united for the cause of freedom. The losses were staggering and yes senseless... yet in that time they were viewed through a different looking glass and much like the Light Brigade. War is hell, yet sometimes necessary as there is little doubt that we would be speaking German, Japanese, Russian or Chinese had we not had the supremely united mobilization and actions of both US and allied military and civilians toward the common cause of freedom in WWII... and we must continue to honor them and never forget it was their blood and service that allowed us to grow up in comparative peace and prosperity. God Bless them all!

Bar De Ness

Thanks Charlino - your comment is most welcome and appreciated.


Thank you for sharing this inspiring tribute, and your friendly reminder that it is our responsibility, as baby boomers, to never forget our elders.

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