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11 February 2014


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Bar De Ness

Very well put Charlino, you've summed up the situation perfectly. The days of the Waltons are long gone sadly. Such is life. Thanks very much for your comment.


Your description of "The Walking Dead" should provide many people with a lot of food for thought. Thank God for our fathers and forefathers who survived the horrors of world wars, depression, and oppression to bring us up in a world without fear -- only to have the powers that be plunge us back into one. It has been a long time since I've been to Atlanta, but as one recovering from small disasters such as a torn knee and eye, I am very grateful that "The Walking Dead" is not real, as I have no armed children to protect me.

Although I have never seen "The Walking Dead," I understand a bit of its concept, and why it exists. So much evil, death, and destruction are embraced by the masses under the guise of entertainment are by design. It seems that whenever a movie or television show becomes successful with everything in place - perfect storyline, script, cast, crew, set, etc., the competition heats up. Networks and programmers design series that tend to mimic movies and television programs in a trending effort to grab a piece of the market share on the coattails of a proven success. Hence, a plethora of current programs that involve vampires, witches, criminal minds, forensics, bones, wars, and now the walking dead.

It seems that in today's world there is not enough money to be made by promoting peace, love, and social grace. There is no reason to promote family, unity, or community when it is more profitable to split the public into individual markets that can be easily shared and manipulated by the powers that be. That means creating tv programs with children carrying guns along with subliminal messages without thought or consideration beyond the entertainment factor. After all, there are a lot of jobs at stake, and a lot of extras to employ.

The daily news has a history of describing reality in far more horrible detail than any baby-gun-toting-techno-fake-dark tale of the dead that I've ever seen. In the journalists' world, reality is described in headlines that scream the credo, "If it bleeds, it leads." Under the headline is "the story does not air without being cleared with an attorney first." This is the world where reporting half truths becomes common, and the victim's right to privacy no longer exists.

After reading a recent UK news article about the crime and the sentencing of two radical homicidal maniacs who ran down an innocent man only to butcher him in the street for fifteen minutes of fame, I was totally appalled. Appalled by it all.

If I've learned anything in this life, it is this: History has proven repeatedly that all the gun laws in the world can not and will not protect innocent lives from warring factions or sick murderous minds any more than the armed children of "The Walking Dead" can protect Atlanta from all the zombies.


Riveting read as always. I love the way you turn it around into owning a gun Statesides.Frankly I never watch this type of junk and it puzzles me how anyone does?

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